Terrace on the water

Terrace and jetty, De Blauwe MeijeIn the summer months and of course with nice spring and autumn weather our ‘waterside’ terrace is open every weekend.  (It is the only terrace right on the Meije). From the road / parking the terrace is not visible, but when you walk round the barn… .

You find peace and space. You can enjoy the view over the Meije and our homemade apple tart. A simple lunch or just a nice cup of coffee, tea hot chocolate, or you name it.

For cyclists, walkers and motorcyclists, a rest after many turns and obstacles on the Meije route.

A peaceful place on the Meije: Also a place for canoe, sloop and suppers (Stand Up Paddling).

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Canoe arrival at De Blauwe Meije SUP on the Meije Boating on the meije