Boat rental

Boating on the Meije and the Nieuwkoop lakes, but first rent a boat.

We can rent you a boat; boats and canoes are available to rent from our location De Blauwe Meije on the river Meije.De Blauwe Meije from the Meije

These boats can pass under the low bridges of the Meije!

You can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the lakes and reed beds. 

Nieuwkoopse lakes are beautiful with views over the fields and reed beds.

Fluister electro boot verhuur de blauwe meije From the rural location of the ‘De Blauwe Meije’, you are able to cruise the River Meije and access the reed beds where you can moor at various locations along the route (indicated on the map). Toilets and picnic areas are also designated.

A sailing license is not necessary for our boats.



Boats can be rented by the hour.
4 person boat:  First hour:         25,-    euros 
                                Next hours:      22.50 euros 

Deposit 200, – euro cash  /  read these terms
For children up to 40 kg are life jackets available,  deposit : €15, – 

call now Directly rent a boat , book : 0172-685438 / 06-20825662