Boat and canoe rental

The rural location of the Blue Meije also has a ‘Fleet “of two sloops and several canoes. From our dock on the the Meije you can appreciate the beautiful nature around the Nieuwkoop lakes (1500 ha). By canoe you may also use the small waterways through the reed beds (look for signs) some of which are also accessible for motorized boats (small motors).  There are many routes – whether you rent a boat from us, or you are just passing by with your own boat.

It doesn’t matter if you are only making a hour or a day trip, you are welcome in our ‘Bed and Breakfast’ location for a coffee or a snack.  We would love to have you as guests for an overnight stay.

Sloop and Canoe Rental

“You can only appreciate the wonder of this area from the water – not from the road”

rates of sloop’s                                           rates of canoe’s
Fluister electro boot verhuur de blauwe meije      Canoe rental         
Passage of the Zuiderplas the Meije      Bridge ' Kwakel Bridge ' on the Meijepad

Sloop and canoe rental center in the ‘Green Heart’ of the Netherlands